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We carry a variety of Gammill Parts and Accessories, Tools and Templates, Videos and Notions for the Longarm Quilter. Please call for pricing and availability at 888-987-8458 or 770-978-9551.
Parts and Accessories
Bobbin Winder
Machine used to wind thread onto bobbins.

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Dainty Ditcher
This little ruler is as handy as a pocket! It's 3' X 2' size fits your hand perfectly which makes any ruler adjustments a snap! 1/4' reference lines are incorporated into the ruler by way of a laser for perfection to make any measuring from the seam line accurate.

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The Extend-A-Drive was designed by Sherry Rogers for improved control and machine handling while doing detailed work on Gammill Longarm Machines. The Extend-A-Drive is simple to install, simple to adjust to any thickness of quilt and flips out of the way for ruler work with just a twist of a knob. Introductory price ONLY $150.00 plus shipping and handling. This example is shown installed on a Gammill Classic. Fits most Gammill machines, please give your machine model when placing your order.

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Hopping Foot Alignment Tool
Is your needle perfectly centered in your hopping foot?

Is your hopping foot the proper height above the needle plate?

This new tool will allow you to easily adjust the height of your hopping foot and will also center the needle in the hopping foot.

It is very difficult to get the needle exactly centered in the hopping foot. If the needle isn't perfectly centered in the hopping foot, it becomes impossible to position an acrylic guide 1/4' from a specific point on the quilt, and expect to hit it. This new tool ensures that the needle is perfectly centered.

Setting the height of the hopping foot the old way is not very easy. You've probably been told to set the height of the hopping foot using two or three business cards (or a dime). But the needle plate on the Gammill quilting machines has a hump in the middle of it. So do you measure the height from the top of the hump, or from the bottom of the hump? This tool eliminates that concern.

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Thread Guide for Gammills
If you have any problems with thread breakage when running cotton thread -- we may have the answer!!!

This is our new thread guide for the Gammill machines, specifically designed by Donita to take the stress off cotton thread.

Simply replace the lower thread guide, use the same screw and attach the new guide.

The thread guide directs the thread from the right side of the machine, at an angle, to a position directly in front of the needle, minimizing the stress on the thread.

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