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Threads and Batting (effective September 2015)
    Batting: We are distributors of Hobbs Batting however we are no longer shipping Hobbs 80/20 Batting 120" x 30 yd roll due to excessive shipping costs. You can pick up this size batting in our studio or you can make arrangements to meet us to pick up this batting and other supplies the next time we are in your area.

We can ship individual packages of the Hobbs 80/20 Batting 120" x 120" in natural and black.

Note: When you meet us at a pre-designated location in your area, there are no shipping charges. If you have additional questions please give us a call.

Thread: We are distributors of Superior Threads. we sell Superior Threads and other products made by Superior at wholesale prices. To purchase these products we must have a an actual copy of one of the following on file: Tax ID Number (EIN), Business License, Business Registration Certificate, Resale Tax ID Certificate, or other state required license.

The above documentation is only required for Superior Threads / Products.
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Please call 1.888.987.8458 to order a Gammill Quilting Machine or any of the accessories.
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